Pray for this world

Everyone keeps talking about praying for Paris. Pray for Paris. I’m not a religious person so I won’t pray for Paris. And I’m not entirely sure how updating your social media status to hashtag Paris does anything.

But I will hope.

I will hope that this world will soon pull its head out of its ass. I will hope that we will get over ourselves, step away, and soon see what really matters. I will hope for this world–this world that would rather cause an uproar over a red paper cup than an up roar over the rights of female students, extreme poverty, affordable and accessible healthcare and education.

These are the things that we should care about. I’m not saying don’t pray for Paris. I’m not saying don’t pray for Beirut. I’m not saying don’t lead a social media crusade to drum up support and collect funds. I am saying perhaps you wouldn’t need to if people were considerate. Perhaps we wouldn’t have to if we were just considerate and kind. Instead of making a list of what is different from you and the person next to you make a list of things that are similar. I truly believe if you can’t find one commonality then you aren’t trying hard enough. This is were sexism, racism, and ageism find their way in. This is where they crawl in during the night and expand, pushing that person farther and farther from you until you can’t see them at all. So don’t just pray for Paris. Pray for yourself. Pray for them. And pray for this world.


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