That damn back-lit tunnel

I don’t even know what I want from this.

If you would, just bear with me for a minute.

I thought it was ridiculous that this incredible amount of time had passed and yet you and I were in the same place. How years after our lives disentangled from each other we were both drawn to the same cities and same beautiful places; an entire world away from where we had been. I harbor no resentment or pain for what happened to us back there. In good time and along my way, those emotions let go of me releasing me from their rusty, noxious cages.


Something is compelling me towards you and you towards me. Could be coincidence…or it could be the workings of the entire universe. An infinite expansion of both light and dark. It would be impossible for me to walk away from that.

All of these years, I’ve figured that we were walking in different directions. Perhaps, we were both so clouded with fear that we didn’t realize that the world had guided us towards the same metaphorical back-lit tunnel.

So I ask you: would you walk with me? Could I follow you? Can I please rest my soul at your door, old friend? Even if it’s just for the briefest moment, can I?


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