Daily Prompt: life after Blogs

Life After Blogs

I imagine the day the computers quit that there would be a delicate buzz and whirl across the world. It would pass unnoticed by the population until everything went off with a click. And then a zap! You would come padding into the kitchen with bare feet and start ranting. I’d look up from my coffee cup at your early disturbance.

I can hear you now, what is happening? How will you ever finish your work, read: watch Netflix, or mindlessly scroll through the virtual day. You angrily shove the coffee pot back into its housing shifting the whole thing with your frustration. Your hair is sticking up and your beard is too scruffy; I find your annoyance cute. Continuing to mutter to yourself you’re down on hands and knees in the pantry where we keep all of our pots and pans. There’s a loud clanking of metal on metal as you search for the right one, this cacophony echoes in our silent home.  I’m convinced that with the absence of technology all of our neighbors can hear your discontent. Soon, you’ve found the pan and your chopping and dicing making something delicious to eat. Fragrant smells leak around us staining the air for the first time in weeks, our trash piled up with to-go containers and pizza boxes are a stout comparison. When your hostility passes you’re talking, chatting away about your boss, and making time to fix the broken outlet, and telling me that we should take a vacation.

You laugh as you try to flip an omelet in the pan. I set the table with our guest china and fill glasses with orange juice. We pepper each other with ideas about where to go, making plans to do research at the library. Tahiti, Paris, and New Zealand we shout excited about starting our planning. You bring breakfast to the table and we sit and continue to talk. I’m not sure how much time passes, our phones and computers lay somewhere abandoned in their futility. The sun is high up in the sky before we start to clean up the kitchen. You sit at the table with your feet propped up in the chair next to you. I look back at you from the sink. Our eyes meet and you smile.


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