There couldn’t possibly be any order to describing myself. I can explain my domain: ‘curly’ because of my unruly, wild, and frizzy hair that has plagued my 24 years on this planet and ‘consumed’ because that was a word that started with the letter c and described best how I feel on any given day. I feel used up and exhausted. And because I feel this way I write.

I paint.

I travel.

I listen to music so loud it gives me a headache.

And I do all of this to quiet the loudness in my head my friend describes as ‘all the TVs on at once.’ I am burdened with an overactive mind that is always racing to worry and to wonder. The mechanical gears in my head are hot with friction from working overtime. They’re worn down and edge-less from an exhaustive lifetime of operation. And sometimes, when my fingers rest on a canvas or a keyboard all of that will stop. And sometimes, for the briefest of moments I can get some peace.


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