Fall weather bleeds creativity

My goodness how times passes so quickly. I live in the south where the weather can be slightly unpredictable. If you’ve never been to the South Eastern United States, by unpredictable I mean completely chaotic and without sense. Just recently the east coast of the US was hammered by impact of an offshore hurricane called Joaquin.  It buried under millions of gallons of water over the course of a few days. My region was declared in a state of emergency and for four days I didn’t leave my apartment. For the week after the rain, the sun was out but it was cold unusually cold for early October. And then for another week it was unusually hot for mid October. And now it is grey and windy and there’s a slight chill in the air made worse when the wind blows. The perfect weather. This is the type of weather where I read an entire book, or finish a painting, or sit and discover the inward folded layers of my ego. Orange leaves scatter across parking lots and roads adding color to everything they touch. People are wrapped up in fluffy sweaters and boots preparing their organs for the frosty abuse that is to come over the next few months. This type of weather is just inspiring.


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